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Name, Image & Likeness Representation

As a former Division 1 Intercollegiate Athlete (scholarship football player), Attorney Donovan Potter, Sr. knows the rigors of collegiate athletics and the demands it has on college student athletes.  Attorney Potter has the unique background as an attorney to also have been a plaintiff in the class action lawsuit NCAA v. Alston, which essentially granted college athletes the ability to earn income from their Name, Image and Likeness. Potter Law is well suited to assist your student athlete in his or her NIL deal.

​Rightfully so, many parents and guardians of current and prospective college athletes, and athletes themselves, have many questions on Name, Image, Likeness (NIL). We are here to answer your questions and provide legal representation in negotiating and/or securing your son or daughter's NIL deal or opportunity. Please Contact Us at your earliest convenience.

We will assist you with NIL-related questions and address how NIL will impact your son or daughter. Our firm is available as a resource for your college athlete as we offer the following legal services:

  • Athlete Advising - Providing representation and advocacy for student-athletes in all facets of NCAA NIL related compliance and enforcement.

  • Contract Drafting and/or Review - If you have an NIL deal, no matter the size, get it in writing. We provide student-athletes and their families with contract drafting, contract review and offering legal advice where appropriate when entering into an approved NIL relationship with business partners and/or appropriate third parties. We also assist in drafting and/or reviewing business documents that will likely accompany NIL related business relationships.

  • Entity Formation - Many athletes are creating brands and businesses that need legal counsel to form and advise the athlete on the best entity for each athlete's long-term goals.

  • Intellectual Property and Brand Protection - This is by far one of the most important things that can be done in this modern era. Athletes need to protect their Name, Image and Likeness with federal protection for their intellectual property (i.e., trademarks and/or copyrights)

  • Risk Management - Our firm works to protects college athletes from recruitment until college graduation.

  • Scholarship Review - We ensure our clients’ interests are protected within their universities. Review your scholarship documents with the help of a sports attorney.

  • Legal Representation - We also represent student-athletes in disciplinary and enforcement actions brought by the NCAA or a member institution in connection with alleged improper usage of NIL or non-compliance with NIL legislation.


Potter Law is here to serve as your athlete's legal counsel for his or her NIL opportunities. Contact Us today for a consultation.